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Eckington 129


Killamarsh to Eckington School


Killamarsh, West End Hotel


Killamarsh, Rowantree Road


Killamarsh, Station Road


Eckington School Bus Park




Returns from School



The school day ends at 15:00 and transport should depart 10 minutes after finishing time.


Route Description:


Killamarsh; West End Hotel, Westthorpe Road, Cherrytree Drive, Westfield Road, Rowantree Road, Walford Road,

Sheffield Road, Station Road, Rotherham Road, Church Street, Pinfold Street, West Street, Dronfield Road, onto Eckington School Bus Park.


Return Journey:


Reverse of outward journey


The majority of students travelling will be entitled to free travel and will all hold DCC travel passes. The remainder will be fare payers who will be charged £1-00 child single flat rate.


Bus passes will be checked on a daily basis